Optimal’s strength lies in its:

  • Investment driven business approach
  • Specialisation
  • Expertise
  • Client relationships

Optimal Fund Management Pty Limited is an independent investment manager that focuses on providing the best possible return to investors. The company was established in 1999 by Warwick Johnson who wanted to use his expertise and experience to provide investors with a niche opportunity to invest in the Japanese stockmarket and capitalise on what he identified as a turnaround in corporate performance.

Being located in the same time-zone enables Optimal’s team to maximise the benefits of real time investment opportunities in the Japanese market. Details of the team’s academic and professional backgrounds are included in our team profile.

Optimal takes an active approach to investing and, where agreed in the investment mandate, uses a variety of techniques to hedge the investments from downturns such as selling short stocks which it has identified as being over-priced and having poor prospects. Success is measured by achieving increases in an investor’s net assets, rather than by solely beating a stock index benchmark. A major objective is to preserve gains when market conditions worsen. Optimal has used the same philosophy whether investing in the Japanese or Asia Pacific markets.

Optimal is determined to provide clients with direct personal access to the investment manager responsible for their portfolios that larger organisations cannot match……