Our Team

Warwick Johnson

Founder, Optimal Fund Management

Bachelor of Arts
Majoring in Economic History, Japanese and Chinese studies

Warwick Johnson is the Sydney-based founder of Optimal Fund Management which he established as a specialist equities fund manager in 1999.

Warwick began his career in fund management in 1984 with GT Management, Tokyo. He has more than 28 years’ continuous experience in Asian and Australasian equities, of which eleven years were spent working in Japan. He has worked for a number of leading financial services firms and has had responsibility for directly managing investment portfolios in Japan, Asia and Australia since 1986. Having spent much of his career working in Japan, Warwick has an extensive knowledge of the Japanese market and is fluent in Japanese.

Warwick holds a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Economic History, Japanese and Chinese studies) from the University of Melbourne and spent a year of his degree at Keio University, Tokyo, on a university scholarship.