Optimal Japan Absolute Long Fund

Optimal Japan Absolute Long Fund (‘OJAL’) invests in the Japanese equity market with the objective of maximising investor returns. This includes hedging the portfolio. Although the Fund’s NAV is denominated in USD, the underlying investments are in Japanese Yen securities and the Investment Manager does hedge this exposure to the Yen by using forward contracts.

The following information is at 30 March 2018:


Fund Profile

Currency US$
Launch date Sep 2004
Country of Domicile Cayman Islands
Minimum investment US$200,000
Dealing Frequency Weekly
Current share price US$18.283
Management Fee 1% per annum
Performance Fee 20% above HWM*

Performance History


Returns*         1 year     3 years     5 years 10 years   Inception
OJAL 21.8 16.3 50.0 40.1 82.8
Topix (USD) 18.9 25.4 46.3 32.4 55.6
Outperformance 2.9 -9.1 3.7 7.7 27.2

* the fee is levied on the investment’s positive excess returns above the return on the Topix index (in USD terms).

* Performance is measured using the currency denomination of the fund. The above returns are prior to Performance Fees.  Individual investor returns will differ by a Peformance Fee payable which is calculated with reference to the hurdle rate applicable at the time of investment.


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.