Optimal Japan Trust

Optimal Japan Trust (‘OJT’) invests in the Japanese equity market with the objective of maximising investor returns.  This includes hedging the portfolio and short selling stocks. It is Australian dollar denominated.

The following information is at 30 March 2018:

Fund Profile

Currency A$
Launch date Dec 1999
Country of Domicile Australia
Minimum investment A$500,000
Dealing Frequency Monthly
Current unit price (Series 1) A$9.340
Management Fee 1% per annum
Performance Fee 20% above HWM


Performance History


Returns*    1 year   3 years   5 years  10 years  Inception
OJT 15.6 9.9 36.1 42.3 222.9
Topix (Yen) 13.5 11.2 65.5 41.5 5.8
Outperformance 2.1 -1.3 -29.4 0.8 217.1

*Performance is measured before taxes and after the deduction of management and performance fees using the currency denomination of the fund, and assuming reinvestment of all distributions. Except for the return since inception (which uses the Initial Series NAV) the returns shown are for Series 1 and are inclusive of annual distributions made by the Trust.


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.